Mega-M LC

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light curing, ready-to-use contouring gel in syringes

MEGA-M LC are light curing, ready-to-use contouring gel in syringes. MEGA-M LC can be used for contouring of Inlays, Onlays, Crowns and for fixation of solder points. MEGA-M LC is helpful by the preparations of metal cast dentures and for blocking out of undercuts. MEGA-M LC Flow has optimal flowable properties. Due to its thixotropic consistence the contouring work does not drip and has excellent stability.

It can be used for countering of cast clasp, adhesive bridges, implant abutments and precision attachments. MEGA-M LC gel can be applied directly from the syringe, cured using any standard light curing unit (320-500 nm) and burns out without any residue. MEGA-M LC may be combined with any standard ore light curing wax following polymerization.


Single package: syringe 3.0 g

Assortment Package: 3-4 syringe 3.0 g,accessories