Megafill Flow CERAM

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Flowable, light-curing, radiopaque microhybrid composite

Megafill Flow Ceram is a flowable, light-curing, radiopaque microhybrid composite.

Megafill Flow Ceram has natural fluorescence and is used in filling therapy for micropreparations and tooth neck defects, expanded fissure sealing, fixing and repairing composite and ceramic restorations and for laying the first tooth filling layer in composite restorations.

Thanks to its slightly thixotropic consistency, Megafill Flow Ceram does not drip and can be applied precisely. A high stability of the material is guaranteed. Balanced transparency and the ability to be combined with filling materials, e.g. Megafill MH Ceram, enable an optimal range of applications for Megafill Flow Ceram. A matrix with microglass filler makes Megafill Flow highly polishable and abrasion-resistant. Megafill Flow is offered in the usual basic colors.

Forms of delivery:

Individual packs: dosing syringe of 2.0 g

System packs: 4 colors + accessories

Colors: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2 ; A2 opaque ; A3 opaque