Light curing nano-concept filling material

N-Fill nano-concept is a light curing universal composite that combines the typical properties of a microhybride with the advantages of nanotechnology. The high content of inorganic fillers (>82 % by weight / 67 % by volume)
and the even distribution of the microglass and the nanoparticles ensure low shrinkage (<1.9 % by volume) in light polymerisation. As a result, high dimensional stability and abrasion resistance are achieved in the finished restoration.

The filling material is X-ray opaque and applicable for fillings of class I, II, III, IV and V, for composite inlays and veneering of discoloured teeth. N-Fill possesses a natural fluores- cence in ultraviolet light. N-Fill is not sticky to the instrument, possesses a constant plastic consistency and is slightly thixotropic. This allows a stressfree work in the anterior and posterior tooth area. An extensive range of shades in Enamel, Dentine and Transparent compounds facilitates an opti- mal layering of aesthetic restorations. The filler combination guarantees the desired chameleon effect, a natural opalescence and adapted fluores- cence. N-Fill can be used with common adhesive systems, e.g. N-Bond and C-Prime S plus. The com- bination with N-Fill Flow permits optimal application in all cavity classes.