Light curing nano-concept pit and fissure sealant

N-Seal is a light curing, nano-particle reinforced pit and fissure sealant.

N-Seal combines the typical properties of a fissure sealant with the most recent findings of nanotechnology. The combination with nano-particles provides a higher filler proportion, which increases the abrasion resistance and fle- xural strength of N-Seal.

N-Seal is designated for fissure sealing, caries prophylaxis, restorations of small carious defects, sealing of plastic fil- lings or cements (moisture protection) as well as for anchoring orthodontic adjusting systems. Despite the high filler proportion, N-Seal retains easy and high-precision applicability. N-Seal can be applied directly with the specifically shaped cannulae. Two types of N-Seal are available: transparent for aesthetic sealing and white-opaque for precise application control.


Single packages: syringe 1.8 g

Assortment packages: 4 syringe + accessories

Shades: transperent (on request) / white - opaque