light curing condensable filling material especially for posterior restoration

P-Fill is a light curing condensable filling material especially for posterior restoration.

Due to the attuned filler combination, a very high filling degree of more than 67 % by volume is reached. This corresponds to a filling degree of more than 81 % by weight with con- ventional dental glass. The flexural strength of P-Fill is distinctly higher than the values of other universal composites. Therefore, P-Fill is especially well suitable for the posterior tooth restoration. With this indica- tion, it is superior to the universal composites.

The high content of inorganic fillers and the special structure provide a stable consistency that prevents the mould from flowing and renders the material well con- densable. This is achieved by means of the micro-mor- phological surface structure of the fillers. Their inter- locking with each other under pressure causes P-Fill to be condensable.

P-Fill is X-ray opaque and applicable for fillings of class I, II and V, stump constructions, deciduous tooth resto- rations as well as for composite inlays in the posterior tooth area. P-Fill is not sticky to the instrument and can be used with metal matrix and wooden wedge. Its outstanding condensability and stability facilitate easy shaping of points of contact and occlusion surfaces.


Single packages: syringe 4.5

Assortment packages: 4 syringe + accessories, 6 syringe + accessories

Shades: A1 / A2 / A3 / A3.5 / B2 / D3