общие условия заключения сделки 

  1. For all incoming orders exclusively the following conditions are applicable. All other conditions also from part of the buyer engage us only in case of an expressive agreement of our part and in written.
  3. We do not guarantee to meet fixed delivery times. Delivery delays which occur to us or to our suppliers without our fault (e.g. in case of force majors) dispense us from our delivery duration of the hindrance. We are not obliged to supply subsequently the cancelled quantities.
  5. Delivery is at the cost and risk of the receiver, ex works as we choose the transportation means to the best of our judgment and without assuming any liability. The acceptance of the good without objection by the forwarding agent or transporter is sufficient as a proof for impeccable packing. For invoicing only the quantities, weights or pieces determined by us are relevant.
  7. We receive the right to claim payment in advance or security deposit or to refuse delivery in case circumstances occurring or becoming public which seen to jeopardize our claims.
  9. Goods supplied by us remain our property until full settlement.
  11. Complaints and queries of every kind, also concerning quantities weight and pieces must be addressed to us within 8 days in written. Also in case of justified complaints for damages, including absence of guaranteed qualities, only conversion may be claimed.
  13. Terms of sale:

Prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to applicable German laws. Net EXPORT PRICES are shown on this price list. All prices are quoted in EURO. Quotations in US$ upon request. Merchandise paid for advance will resave a discount. All other terms based on PROFORMA INVOICE.

Should there be however any sign that our outstanding debts are in jeopardy, our whole claims become due immediately, including the amount which are not jet due or current obligation out of bills.

Place of performance for delivery is the place of dispatch; for all other rights and obligations it is the place of the plant; place of jurisdiction is Dresden in Germany.

Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before the competent court of law.


Warranty Conditions for Equipment

  1. The warranty obligations out of the contract of purchase with the ultimate buyer are not affected by our warranty conditions.
  3. Damages or defects which are provable result of a flaw in the material or manufacture, will be repaired free of charge if they are reported to us immediately after assessment without delay and within 24 months from delivery to the ultimate buyer.
  5. The warranty does not cover easily breakable parts (e.a. halogen bulbs, glass rods and helical cords), transportation damages or damages which have been caused by inappropriate treatment or storage.
  7. We perform warranty if the appliance is returned to us properly packaged and along with the filled in warranty card. Costs for freight and packing are to be debit of the buyer.
  9. The claim for warranty extinguishes if persons without our authorization should undertake repairing or modifications at the appliance.
  11. Performance of warranty does not delay the warranty limit.
  13. Exchange parts will peas into our procession.
  15. Claims are excluded for damages which have been caused by the utilization of the appliance and as far as liability is not prescribed by law.
  17. Place of jurisdiction is Dresden, Germany.


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MEGADENTA Dentalprodukte GmbH is registrated and certificated manufacture of dental materials and equipments in Germany. If there are any problems with products, quality ore packaging, please contact the MEGADENTA quality control.